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Fee Schedule

License Fees

Initial Sales Associate License Application Fee

If going directly into Inactive Status $120
If becoming an Active Agent $130
There is an additional $10 E&O Processing added to the $120 licensing fee.

Initial Broker Application Fee (upgrading from sales associate) $60

Renewals for Licensees (Due by March 31st of every two years)

If in Inactive Status $120
If an Active Agent/ Broker $130
There is an additional $10 E&O Processing added to the $120 renewal fee.

Opening a New Office $10
This also applies if the office is changing Principal Brokers, but no other information.

Physical Changes to the License

Firm Name/Address Change $10
Affiliation Change (of Specific Licensee) $10
Commence Inactive Status $10
Terminating Inactive Status $30
Licensee Name Change $10

Education Fees

Broker Education Review $10

Education Provider Approvals

Contact the Education Coordinator for the breakdown of the fees associated with provider and course approvals.

Miscellaneous Fees

Examination (Not paid to KREC) $100
License History Certification $10 per copy
Open Records Request (.10 per page) Fee Varies

Late Fees

Continuing Education/CORE $500
Late Renewal Fee $200

These late fees are the fee for the late transaction ONLY. This does NOT include the process fee listed above. If the licensee has a cancelled license, the licensee may be subject to additional fees in order to reactivate the license.