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Education Overview

The KREC Education Department is dedicated to ensuring that all licensees and prospective licensees receive the most up to date real estate courses available. Pre-license, post-license, and continuing education courses are available online or in-person. Feel free to contact KREC if you have specific questions regarding your education needs. 

All licensees can check their education record through KREC eServices.



Please take notice that at its March 19, 2020 meeting and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and State of Emergency declared by the Governor, the Kentucky Real Estate Commission (“KREC”) voted to extend all 2020 continuing education deadlines (PLE, CORE, and normal CE) until thirty (30) days beyond the end of the State of Emergency.  In order to avoid a rush to obtain continuing education hours and because it is unknown when the State of Emergency will end, KREC strongly recommends licensees do all things possible to complete their required continuing education by the original deadline of December 31, 2020. 

All other license requirements remain in place.  Thus, you are required to update your E&O prior to the expiration of the current policy. For licensees who are insured through KREC’s group policy, your E&O expires on March 31, 2021.  Failure to update your E&O policy may result in the cancellation of your license.

Pre-license Education to Obtain a Sales Associate License

Applicants for a sales associate license must complete ninety-six (96) hours of Commission-approved pre-license instruction or six (6) academic credit hours in real estate courses at an accredited college or university.

Pre-license Course Providers (select "SA Pre-licensing" from the drop-down menu)


Post-License Education (PLE)

All sales associates licensed after January 1, 2016 are required to complete forty-eight (48) hours of post-license education within the first two (2) years of obtaining an active license. Courses must be approved by the Commission for post-license education credit to count.

PLE Providers and Courses (select "Post-licensing Education" or "Both Continuing and Post-licensing Education" from the drop-down menu)

Additional Details on Post-License Education

Continuing Education (CE)

All actively licensed agents are required to attend six (6) hours of continuing education courses sponsored or approved by the Commission. Of the six (6) hours, three (3) hours must be in courses approved for law credit. All licensees, unless otherwise exempt, shall complete the mandatory continuing education requirement by December 31 of each calendar year.

Important Note:
Kentucky does require a state specific continuing education course (the Kentucky Core Course) to be completed by all active licensees subject to continuing education once every four (4) years. 


Kentucky Core Course

Kentucky requires a state specific continuing education course - the Kentucky Core Course - to be completed by all active licensees subject to continuing education once every four (4) years. No other continuing education course will substitute for the Kentucky Core Course. The Core Course will satisfy the continuing education requirements for licensees in the year that it is taken.


  • KY Core Course Schedule
  • KY Core Course Providers

    Be sure to check your education record on the KREC eServices to see when your CORE COURSE is due!

    Broker Education Requirements

    Applicants for a broker's license must complete twenty-one (21) academic credit hours (or 336 classroom hours) of qualifying education. Three (3) academic credit hours (48 classroom hours) must be obtained by completing the Brokerage Management course offered by a Commission-approved education provider. The remaining hours can be completed in a variety of courses. For a current list of approved broker courses, click here

    Course Type Classroom Hours Academic Credit Hours
    Brokerage Management Course 48 3
    Broker Curriculum Courses (pre-license courses for broker credit) 144 9
    Broker Electives OR Academic Credit Hours (non-real estate, obtained at an accredited college/university) 144 9
    TOTAL 336 21


    Interested in obtaining a broker's license? KREC recommends you submit a request  for an education review to see how many hours you need prior to scheduling the broker's exam. You can submit a request by logging onto your KREC eServices


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    Special Notice:

    All licensees who are issued a Kentucky license must operate in accordance with all Kentucky real estate laws and regulations. It is the licensee’s responsibility to read the laws and regulations and comply with them. This material is informational only. Any omission in these documents or verbal representation regarding licensure is not a reason for waiver of a licensing requirement.