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Frequently Asked Questions


All active licensees who were originally licensed in Kentucky after June 19, 1976 are subject to the continuing education requirements--six hours each calendar year, with at least three hours in an approved legal topic. Once every four years, each licensee subject to the requirements must take the six-hour Kentucky Core Course.

Course registration:

Register directly with an approved course provider. The KREC does not sponsor courses. ALWAYS use your full legal name (the one that appears on your license), your license number (not the NAR member number), and your residence address. Refer to the “Approved Provider Lists” on the KREC Website.

Q: What is the Kentucky Core Course?
 It is a six-hour course developed by the KREC covering the federal, state and common laws relating to real estate. Each active licensee is required to complete a Core Course once every four years. It is also the required course to reactivate a license. Two options are now available:

  • The Kentucky Residential Core Course is a six-hour course offered online, via live web cam and in a classroom format. This course is available to all licensees.
  • Risk Management for Brokers, also known as the Broker Core Course, is a six-hour classroom format and is available only to broker associates and principal brokers.

Taking a 48-hour pre-license course, six hours of law, or other continuing education courses WILL NOT SATISFY this requirement.

Q: What courses qualify for law credit?
 Kentucky license laws, agency, contracts, fair housing, environmental law, 1031 tax laws, ANSI Standards, antitrust, landlord-tenant law, planning and zoning issues and misrepresentation classes. If you need law credit, always check with the provider before signing up for a course to be sure the course satisfies the three hour law requirement. If the provider is in doubt, contact the KREC Education Department for clarification.

Q: Are ethics courses approved for legal credit?
 No, KREC approved courses covering ethics do not typically provide law credit. The only exceptions to this rule are three courses that have incorporated in to their course outline, substantial references to license laws as they compare to the Code. Those courses are Code of Ethics vs. License Law, Unethical, Illegal or Just Plain Dumb and Agents, Ethics & the Law.

Q: What is the continuing education compliance time frame?
 All continuing education must be taken within the calendar year—Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Credit may not be carried forward into the next calendar year.

Q: My license is in inactive status. Am I required to complete continuing education?
 As long as the license remains in inactive status, no additional education is required. When a licensee wishes to return to active status, he or she should complete the Kentucky Core Course BEFORE the license can be reactivated.

Q: What is the exemption period for new licensees?
 Beginning Jan. 1, 2016, an individual obtaining their first, original Kentucky license is exempt for the first two calendar years only, regardless of whether the license is issued in February or November.

Q: Am I required to send copies of my completion certificates for all courses I take?
 If you attend continuing education courses sponsored by an approved Kentucky provider (refer to the provid