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Foreign Transcripts

Applicants with a diploma or transcript from an institution in a language other than English must follow the requirements of 201 KAR 11:210 Section 2. (See below)


201 KAR 11:210. Licensing, Education, and Testing Requirements
(Relates to: KRS 324.010, 324.040, 324.045 (1), (2), (3), 324.046)


Section 1.

In lieu of proof of high school graduation or a GED diploma, an applicant may submit an official transcript from a United States institution, or from an institution outside of the United States, which indicates successful post-secondary completion of

(1) A degree program; or

(2) Twenty-eight (28) academic semester hours of the equivalent.


Section 2.

(1) If an applicant submits documentation qualifying education in a language other than English, the diploma or transcript shall:

(a) Be accurately translated; and

(b) Include a certification stating that the translation is true, accurate, and complete.

(2) The applicant shall provide a letter to the commission indicating that the curriculum of the proffered education is equivalent to a high school diploma or GED. The comparison shall be made by an education credential service provider with membership in the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services:

(3) If the applicant is unable to comply with the requirements of this section, the applicant shall submit proof of the receipt of a GED granted by an agency or institution within the United States.


Section 3.

An applicant who successfully passes the real estate examination shall apply for a license within sixty (60) days after the examination. A candidate who fails to apply for a license within this period shall be reexamined.