FBI Report

Individuals planning to apply for a Kentucky real estate license must request a copy of their identification record (“FBI Background report”) prior to taking the licensure examination, pursuant to 201 KAR 11:430. Failure to do so will void the exam. 
Step 1: Click the “FBI Fingerprint Card & Instructions” link located under “The Resources.” Print and follow all of the instructions to request your FBI Background report from the Kentucky State Police (“KSP”).  
Step 2: Take the FBI Fingerprint Card & Instructions with you to be fingerprinted, because it contains required information. Fingerprinting is free at the KSP post locations, but other providers may charge a fee. You MUST include ORI Number KY920229Z and state your reason fingerprinted as "KRS 324.045 Real Estate License." 
Step 3: Submit your fingerprint card along with the processing fee of $32.00 to the KSP.  
Step 4: Schedule your licensure examination with PSI. You can find instructions for this on our website. Click “Licensing” on the home page. Go to “New Applicants” and click “Candidate Testing Information.” 
Step 5: AFTER three (3) weeks following the submission of your fingerprints to the KSP, you MUST contact the Commission to verify if your report is received, because contact information is not provided from the KSP  and the KREC cannot contact you. 
Please call the Commission and give your full legal name and DOB to verify if your FBI Background report has been received and approved.  
  •  FBI Background reports expire six (6) months after the report date of issuance.
  •  If you have an unexpired original FBI report you may submit it, along with your application and all other required materials, in lieu of obtaining new report. – COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • You have sixty (60) days to apply after successfully passing the exam – NO EXCEPTIONS will be made if your FBI Background report is not back in time.
  • The KREC will not issue a license without a valid FBI report. he KREC will not issue a license without a valid FBI report.
  *The Kentucky State Police charges $10 for 

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The Kentucky State Police Automated Fingerprint Identification System will be undergoing a system upgrade from October 30th thru November 14th. This will require the system to be completely down. KSP will be unable to process any fingerprint based background check during that time. This will cause a delay in the processing of applications at the Kentucky Real Estate Commission as we await to receive applicant background reports from KSP. We appreciate your patience.