FAQ's for Applicants

Q:  When do I need to send my request for the FBI report?
A:  You must send the request prior to taking the exam.  It is advisable to send off for the report as soon as possible.  Please be aware that the FBI report is only good for 90 days once it has been issued.
Q:  After I pass the required licensing examination, how long do I have to apply for my license?
A:  Once you have passed the exam, you have 60 days to apply for your license.  You must send everything to the Commission in one package within 60 days of passing the exam.  All required deadlines must be met.
Q : After I complete my classes, how long do I have to complete the state licensing exam and apply for my license?
Pre-license education does not expire. There is no time limit between the completion of the course requirements and when you take the exam. After completing the state licensing exam, you must apply for your license within 60 days. Please be aware that the Commission does not accept brokerage management courses completed prior to September of 2000.
Q: Are appraisal courses accepted for education requirements for the sales associate or broker license?
Appraisal courses approved by the KREC are accepted. Approval from the Appraiser’s Board is not sufficient. Applicants can have no more than one-half their required real estate hours in appraisal. For the required sales associate education, only 48 of the 96 classroom hours can be in appraisal courses. For the broker’s license, only six of the required 12 credit hours in real estate or 96 of the required 192 classroom hours can be in appraisal courses. All elective credit for the broker’s license may be completed in approved appraisal courses. Please fax a copy of the transcript or completion certificate to the Commission if you have a question regarding a particular course.
Q: What is required as proof of completion of real estate education credits?
A copy of a completion certificate or transcript from an approved provider or a transcript from a college showing completion of the required hours. 
Q: Are attorneys exempt from pre-license requirements?
No, attorneys must complete the same requirements as all other applicants. If the attorney completed a total of six credit hours in Contracts I, Property I, Property II and other real estate designated courses in law school, these hours may be used to fulfill their education requirements for the sales associate license. The applicant will need to obtain a transcript from law school to provide to the Commission.

Q: What is required as proof of completion of high school?
A copy of the high school diploma, GED, high school transcript, or a copy of a college degree or transcript from a college or university showing completion of at least 28 credit hours. Information printed from a website is not considered acceptable proof.
Q: What if I did not graduate from a high school in the United States?
If you graduated from a high school program in another country, you will need to provide the following items:
  1. A copy of the original diploma or transcript;
  2. A translation of the original document in English certifying that it is true, accurate and complete; and
  3. A letter to the Commission indicating that the education is equivalent to a high school diploma or GED. The comparison shall be made either by:
Q: What if my high school is closed and I cannot get proof that I graduated?
The Commission will also accept a letter from the county Board of Education showing completion of high school graduation. If this is not available, you will need to obtain three affidavits from individuals affirming your completion of high school. These affidavits should be from people affiliated with your education provider. The matter will then be reviewed by the Commission to determine if the proof is acceptable.
Q: What is accepted for elective credit for the broker education requirement?
Broker applicants can receive up to nine credit hours towards the completion of their education requirements in elective credit from a college or university. The credits may be taken in any subject. The college or university must be accredited. The applicant must provide the Commission with either a transcript from the college (website printouts are not accepted) or a copy of their college degree.
Q: How are the hours required for the broker license calculated?
Pre-license education can be calculated using the following formula.
One credit hour from an accredited college/university = 16 classroom hours from an approved real estate school.
Quarter hours are accepted on a 2/3 basis (# of quarter hours received x 2/3 = credit hour value.) For example, if you have completed a course that is four quarter hours, it is worth two credit hours or 32 classroom hours.
Credit cannot be given for the same course twice.
Q: What classes are accepted for the broker license education requirements?
Applicants must complete a total or 21 credit hours with 12 in real estate and three of the 12 in brokerage management from a college or university, or 336 classroom hours in real estate with 48 classroom hours in brokerage management.
Courses must be given by an approved provider or accredited institution and credit awarded to be accepted.
Applicants may not count the pre-license courses they completed for their sales license in the total hours required. 
Applicants MUST complete an approved brokerage management course as part of the hours required.
The remaining hours can be completed in a variety of ways.
If the applicant has completed nine credit hours in electives from a college or university, the nine credit hours (144 classroom hours) may be calculated as part of the hours required.
Please review the list of approved Broker courses by clicking here​.
Q: What courses are not accepted for broker or sales associate pre-license education requirements?
Continuing education courses including the Kentucky Core Course are not accepted for pre-license education credit. Courses completed through out-of-state private real estate providers are not accepted. Courses completed through a provider that has not been approved for the specific course will not be accepted. Some designation courses are not accepted. If you have questions about a particular course, please fax or email the information to the Commission’s office. Include contact information and your question in the fax or email. You can send the email to maryellen.mullikin@ky.gov​. Courses must be given by an approved provider or accredited institution and credit awarded to be accepted.
Q: Are broker applicants required to complete the criminal background check again if they completed it as a sales associate applicant?
A: Yes, your broker application is considered a new application for a license.
Q: Can I use classes taken at an out-of-state private real estate school to fulfill my pre-license education requirements?
A: No, all private real estate providers must be approved by the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education. Courses completed in real estate designated classes from an accredited college or university are accepted. The Brokerage Management Course required for broker applicants is only accepted from the approved providers listed on the Commission’s website.
Q: What is the process for applications received in February and March?
Applications for an inactive license received in February will not be processed until the first week in March. Applications received for an active license in February will be processed and will be subject to renewal in March. Applications for an active license received in March must include E & O for March as well as the renewal period. Licenses issued in March are considered new year licenses and will not need to be renewed until the following year.