Brokerage Management

  • All applicants for a broker license must have completed a Kentucky Brokerage Management
    Course, which consist of three (3) credit hours/forty-eight (48) classroom hours, as part of the real estate hours required for a broker license.  Refer to KRS 324.046 (1) (a) and 201 KAR 11:450.  Broker applicants must complete a total of three hundred thirty-six (336) classroom hours in real estate with forty-eight (48) in brokerage management from a Kentucky approved proprietary school or twenty-one (21) credit hours with twelve (12) in real estate and three (3) of the twelve (12) in brokerage management from an accredited college or university to be eligible to take the exam.  Return to the new applicant requirements for a complete list of requirements.
  • No other course will substitute for the Kentucky Brokerage Management Course.
    Students must complete three (3) projects and pass an approved closed book final examination in order to obtain credit for the course.  Instructors are required to attend a mandatory training program before they may teach the course.
  • Brokerage Management courses completed prior to September of 2000 are not accepted.  Brokerage Management courses completed with a provider not listed below will not be accepted.


  • The regulation does not apply to broker candidates who are applying for a license through
    license recognition.
  • It is also not required for anyone who is exempt from the pre-license education requirements (licensees with Grandfather Status) as outlined in KRS 324.046 (5).

Approved Providers:

The following providers are the only ones approved to offer the Kentucky Brokerage Management Course.  Contact information can be found on the KREC Approved Pre-License Provider page.

Colleges & Universities

  • Big Sandy Community & Technical College, Prestonsburg
  • Bluegrass Community & Technical College, Lexington
  • Bowling Green Community & Technical College of Western Kentucky University
  • Elizabethtown Community College
  • Hopkinsville Community College
  • Jefferson Community College
  • Morehead State University
  • Murray State University

Proprietary Schools

  • A-Pass Weikel Institute of Real Estate, Louisville & Lexington
  • Century Real Estate School, Louisville
  • Career Development Center, Lexington
  • HomeServices Real Estate Academy, Louisville & Lexington
  • Kentucky Real Estate College, Cold Springs - *Online course
  • Ward Elliott Institute, Bowling Green