Legal Department

Hello and welcome to the KREC legal department. Our staff consists of Rhonda K. Richardson (General Counsel), Denise Wade (Staff Attorney), and Patricia Farris (Legal Secretary).

The KREC’s legal department amends, drafts, and files regulations in the Kentucky Revised Statutes KRS Chapter 324 Real Estate Brokers and Salesmen according to the directive of the Commission. We process consumer complaints and conduct investigations to ascertain license law violations. We answer consumer and licensee legal questions regarding license law. We conduct hearings in accordance with KRS 13B to determine if disciplinary action should be taken against licensees who may have violated license law. The KREC legal department is also in charge of closely scrutinizing the new applicants’ criminal background reports that show criminal charges.

Our website is updated regularly and contains a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for consumers and licensees, news from the legal department, and other helpful information. Please utilize our site and visit often. Thank you for visiting!​

Under a Consent Decree entered into between the Commission and the United States Department of Justice in July of 2005, the Commission will no longer enforce the prohibition on inducements and rebates. Please mark out any references to this prohibition in this textbook. Inducements and rebates are now legal in Kentucky, as long as they are disclosed in writing to the client or customer.

Under the ruling in River Oaks v. Brown and the subsequent passage of new commercial law statutes, Kentucky is no longer a "turf state" for commercial transactions. Therefore, please ignore or mark out any reference to Kentucky's former "turf state" law found in this textbook. In the near future, an update will be published that will amend all these sections.

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