Additional Resources

Audit Checklist for Principal Brokers6 KB
Broker Lien Law10 KB
Buyer's Agency60 KB
Handling Referral Fees56 KB
Internet Advertising56 KB
Interpretation of KRS 324.160 (4)(p)6 KB
Limited Function Referral Offices (LFROs)66 KB
LLCs and Subchapter S Corporations10 KB
Megan's Law119 KB
New Property Conveyance Bill89 KB
Policy Statement - River Oaks Case6 KB
Print Advertising11 KB
Sellers Consent for Unlicensed Assistant11 KB
The Code of Ethics vs. License Law107 KB
What You Need To Know About Buying and Selling a Home180 KB
How to sign up to receive administrative regulation changes637 KB
KREC 2014 LEGAL UPDATE - Educators' Conference Powerpoint2408 KB
KREC Hotline FAQs89 KB
Safety Brochure209 KB
Kentucky Landlord Tenant Guide172 KB
KREC 2016 LEGAL UPDATE - Newsletter Index 2002 - present (revised 02-29-16)47 KB
Updated SDF Form48 KB
KREC Law Manual - May 2016943 KB
Samples of Contractual Clauses30 KB