ANSI Booklet Instructions

Use of the ANSI Booklet

The Commission has entered into a licensing agreement for reproduction of the NAHB Research Center's, ANSI Z765-2003 Square Footage - Method for Calculating Booklet.

Please review the following requirements for use of this material.

  • Real estate licensees may download and print copies of the document for their business use.
  • KREC approved instructors may download, print and distribute copies of this document as handout materials for continuing education or pre-license real estate courses.
  • When printing from this pdf file, be sure to use page scaling on your print menu and click either "shrink or fit to printable area", so that the page numbers will print appropriately.
  • The document must be printed in its entirety in the format provided by the NAHB Research Center. No changes shall be made to the content of the document.

There is no charge to the licensee for this service. The licensing agreement is being underwritten by the Commission using funds from the Education, Research and Recovery Fund. Any further questions regarding the use of this material should be directed in writing to the KREC Education Department Staff.


Yes, I Accept the above Agreement

Warning: Slow download - this is a very large file.