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Change Forms

200 Acceptance / Release Form (Releases available online)
Firm Name/Firm Address Change (Address change available online

Licensee  Name Change

Request to Place License in Escrow

​204​ ​Steps To Activate An Escrowed License
205​ Change of Residential Email Address
Opening a New Office​
209 Deceased or Incapacitated 104 KB
210​ Death of a Licensee 54 KB
212 Cancellation Request 99  KB

 302         License History Certification

General Licensing Information

402​ KREC Open Records Request 13 KB
407​ Consent to Service of Jurisdiction 20 KB


Errors & Omissions Insurance Form

500​ Private Carrier Certification of Coverage

Disclosure Forms

Agency Disclosure Statement-Buyer

Agency Disclosure Statement-Seller

Seller's Disclosure of Property Condition​​

 L110​      Seller-Initiated Re-Listing Request Disclosure Form

Education Forms

E111 Out-of-State Continuing Education Compliance
603​ Request for Education Documentation

Active Delinquency Plan​

Escrow Delinquency Plan

Legal Forms & Information

701​         Complaint Form

702          Sworn Answer Form
Sworn Supplement to Complaint​

Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships (For Companies that Allow Only Dual Agency-Model Policy)

Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships (For Companies that Allow Designated Agency and Dual Agency-Model Policy)​

TimeShare Forms

​ ​​​​​​​​​​Affidavit of Timeshare Developer

Consent to Inspect

Consent to Service of Process

Registration of Out-of-State Properties and Timeshares​