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Kentucky Real Estate Commission
656 Chamberlin Avenue, Suite B
Frankfort, KY 40601

 2019​ License Renewal Form

Change Forms

200 Acceptance/Release Form (Available through the Online Portal)

201​ Firm Name/ Firm Address Change (Available through the Online Portal)

202 Licensee Name Change (Available through the Online Portal)

203 Request to Place License in Escrow (Available through the Online Portal)
204 Steps to Activate an Escrowed License

205 Change of Residential/Email Address (Available through the Online Portal)

206 Opening a New Office

209 Deceased or Incapacitated Licensee

210 Death of a Licensee

212 Cancellation Request (Available through the Online Portal)


General Licensing Information

302  License History Certification​​

402 KREC Open Records Request

407​ Consent to Service of Jurisdiction (Available through the Online Portal)



Errors & Omissions Insurance Form

500 Private Carrier Certification of Coverage

Disclosure Forms

 Agency Disclosure Statement-Buyer 

 Agency Disclosure Statement-Seller

 Seller's Disclosure of Property Condition​​

 L110​ Seller-Initiated Re-Listing Request Disclosure Form


Education Forms

2018 Continuing Education Delinquency Plan​

603 Request for Education Documentation

E111 Out-of-State Continuing Education Compliance Form


Legal Forms & Information

701 Sworn Complaint Form

702 Sworn Answer Form

Sworn Supplement to Complaint

Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships (For Companies that Allow Only Dual Agency-Model Policy)

Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships (For Companies that Allow Designated Agency and Dual Agency-Model Policy)