FBI Report

All candidates must request their FBI report prior to taking the exam.

All candidates applying for a Kentucky real estate license are required to complete an FBI Criminal History Report.

There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Steps to obtain the FBI Criminal History report:

  1. Contact your local state police post, sheriff's department or UPS store to determine if they will fingerprint you for personal review and if they have the fingerprint cards. Cards can be printed from the FBI website.
  2. Forward your completed fingerprint card to the FBI, along with the FBI applicant information form, and an $18 certified check or money order payable to the Treasury of the United States. If all items are not correct your request will be returned to you by the FBI. BE SURE to obtain proof of mailing from the postal service or other delivery service. The U.S. Postal Service offers a certificate of mailing for $1.15. You will need a copy of the proof of mailing if you use the optional affidavit process. It is suggested that you send your information next day air, include a date on the request as to when you need the report back.

    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Criminal Justice of Information Services Division
    SCU MOD D2
    1000 Custer Hollow Road
    Clarksburg, WV 26306
    (304) 625-2000

The process can take up to sixteen (16) weeks. It is important that you send off for this report as soon as possible and be aware of deadlines and expiration dates. The FBI report expires six (6) months from the date it was generated.

If your FBI report is not received by the time you are ready to apply, you may be able to use the optional affidavit process to obtain your license while you are waiting for the FBI report. Please review the information regarding the optional affidavit process.

Once you receive the report, you must:

  • Attach it to your application and other required paperwork to submit to the Commission to apply for your license; or
  • If you filed the optional affidavit and received your license, then you should immediately send the report to the Commission indicating that this paperwork completes your application/license file.

To prevent significant delay in the processing of your application, please provide a certified copy of the court disposition of misdemeanor conviction(s) within the past five (5) years and/or any felony conviction(s).

The Resources

FBI Applicant Information Form

Important Note:
The report needs to be mailed to your home address and included with the application given to your from the testing center.

The optional affidavit process does not replace the need for the FBI report. Please review the information on this process as outlined below.

KREC Optional Affidavit for Licensure

Principal Broker Authorization Form ‚Äč

AOC Fast Check Report

For use when a FBI notice of unreadable prints is received.  You must also obtain an AOC Report.
Unreadable Print Affidavit